Monday, September 26, 2011

Don Street Fastnet Redux
By Michael

Placard aboard Street's former yawl, 2005

This summer, after a record number of boats set sail for the 2011 Fastnet race, Charles Doane wrote about his 2005 race experience, beginning with a crackly cell phone call from legendary sailing writer and personality Don Street, Jr., “Iolaire will be 100 this year, I’m turning 75. We’re going to celebrate by doing the Fastnet Race. You want to come along?”
Doane's account of his experience is devoid of the solemnity usually accorded Don, Iolaire, and the Fastnet. Instead, it is an honest and entertaining piece that is unmistakenly reverent.
Charles Doane is Executive Editor of SAIL magazine and the Steven Wright of sailing journalism: a master of dry humor. He publishes musings and news regularly on his blog, Wave Train (accessed from the s/v Lunacy link on the right side of this page).

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