Monday, September 19, 2011

The Cost Of Cruising
By Michael

Here I am playing teacher to the half-dozen kids living
in the marina. Believe it or not, they look forward to
my Tuesday morning Spanish Class For Kids.
Unfortunately, non-paying gigs like this don't help
pay for the cruising life.
How much does it cost to go cruising? I have a pretty good answer for our family: $109,292.
That is how much we spent to buy a 40-foot cruising boat in Mexico, visit the boat on two occasions, pay slip fees for 17 months, pay people to mind the boat and clean the bottom, take a 45-day road trip to relocate a family of four, and buy nearly $20K worth of goods and services to refit the boat.
Because we moved aboard September 1, I am considering everything spent to that point our answer to the question about how much it costs to go cruising. I'll note that it can certainly be done for far less and for far more, the biggest variable being the boat.
The question that interests me now is: How much does it cost to continue cruising? It better be a much smaller number. Over the next few months, check for updates to The Cost page on this blog to see how small the number is.


Fortunately, entertainment costs are low when cruising.

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  1. Glad to see you are alive and well. Can I send my boys out there for a while? I'm coaching Nate's soccer team ( but I bet you see far better soccer talent among the 6-7 year olds you encounter) and am running a marathon next month, seriously. I'll let you know if I finish in the 6.5 hours they allow (hey, I have a bad knee and I'm also old and fat). Can't wait to hear more and more about your trip! -Leep


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