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Del Viento in Alaska's
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Del Viento in Canada's
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01/2014,    Good Old Boat, Cover Photo

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  1. This is simply amazing. This is the first time I could catch a glimpse of the life style and the experience of a family of cruisers or for that matter, first time to know this much of details about cruising. I have always loved watching a yacht ( a boat, as you call it) on the horizon or staring at a shining yacht berthed at a marina. Ironically, I never even had the slightest idea that there could be bloggers-cum-cruises. I am really inspired. Cant wait to finish reading all the stories in your blog. I like the style of detailed descriptions about everything from the origin of the boat to the costs involved and most of all the unmatchable experience. All the best for the start of your new voyage !


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