Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Mike's Been Up To

From Miguel's recent email:

Hello all,

According to the Crusing World magazine website, the following short piece about my time as a covert judge was published Jan 2010, but I don't think it is possible I missed it, and I no longer have the issue. I suspect this ended up on the editing room floor. In February, I emailed the author (Wendy Mitman Clarke) to see if she knew where it was. She is out cruising and writes so much she scarcely pays attention to what gets published, so she didn't know. Anyway, here is a link to what I think is an article that never was...


Furthermore, CW paid me for my review of the Newport 27 and they said it was supposed to be in the April 2010 issue, but it ain't there, so should be soon. SAIL magazine paid me for my blurb on the Coast Guard site (for use searching the records of documented vessels) and they've said 3 times it would be in an issue it was not, still waiting. I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, I will keep writing and sending. The plan when we are out there is either to get a column or to sell an article a month, reducing the draw on the cruising kitty.

FYI: this is the link to a boat we are very interested in at this time:




The link above won't last forever, so here's a photo of the boat we like:

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