Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Plan Has Changed

You all know about The Plan. In 2011 we will sell everything, quit our jobs and buy the boat on which we will live and travel indefinitely. Money will be tight, but as Mark Twain said, we'll be 'Rising from affluence to poverty.' We won't have many things, but we will have two things we are in short supply of now: freedom and time together. How long is indefinitely? I'd say more than two years, less than twenty years. We're committed to giving it a good go, so we'll need at least two years for that. And because I can't imagine living the remainder of my life without dirt to dig in, I'm arbitrarily capping it at twenty years (these views are not necessarily those of the household).

So...our most recent version of The Plan called for me to quit my job one year prior to departure. I'm eager to start homeschooling and being home that last year would free me up to start liquidating our stuff and searching for The Boat. But I can't wait. I want to start homeschooling yesterday. I'm tired of free time with the girls being limited to weekends. My job? It's a great job. I've been there nine years. I'm not easily bored, but we're talking nine years. And then there's one other little thing: I believe our education system is fundamentally flawed (more on that later). So, in less than six months we're going to start homeschooling. It's our first big step toward a new lifestyle. -WR
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