Monday, June 29, 2015

Pop Quiz
By Michael

I’ve mentioned pamplemousse on this blog often lately. We’ve been eating a lot of pamplemousse lately. I thought I’d talk a bit about this fruit and post a picture of pamplemousse for the uninitiated.

So in French, pamplemousse is just the word for grapefruit. But, while pamplemousse resemble grapefruit in taste and appearance, they are not grapefruit. Windy learned that pamplemousse are one of the original citrus fruits, from which all others are descended. They grow like crazy here in the Marquesas. Pamplemousse are usually at least twice the size of the average grapefruit and much sweeter (but don’t eat any part of the skin because it is very bitter). The outsides smell like a mixture of jasmine flowers and grapefruit. These things are amazing.

In Mexico, they are sold as pomelo.

So here is your quiz:

In the following picture, in addition to Frances, Windy, and Eleanor, there are three and a half pamplemousse featured. Can you find them all?




  1. What a "lovely"t shirt Windy has! It certainly "enhances"her pamplemousses.

  2. You are too funny and Windy is being a very good sport! When I first saw the photo I thought perhaps the Marquesas were known for body enhancing procedures beyond tatoos! ;)

  3. Casey s/v Dawn TreaderJuly 1, 2015 at 10:54 AM

    I never ate a Pomelo that tasted like a Pamplemousse, but I will go double check only because it is Windy talking. I can't wait to find out what you are mis-labeling wild 'basil' this time! We talk about you guys all the time. Not going to mention the picture.


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