Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celebrity Ahoy!
By Michael

Esta historia es una broma...
Note: This post was published on April Fools day--oh, the power of suggestion. The woman pictured is my sister.

In the post I published yesterday, I included a picture of Venus, the yacht of the late Steve Jobs. Well today, I learned who is in town to charter the 256-foot vessel:
Celebrity in La Paz.

That’s Stefani Germanotta—aka Lady Gaga—walking along the La Paz boardwalk (and that’s Eleanor’s head off to the right). The megastar singer was dressed conservatively and without makeup, she looked normal.

Cruising pals of ours (Pete and Kathy) aboard Citla are good friends with Venus’s captain and got a tour of the boat the day before. They told us they heard guests were arriving today but that they weren’t told who they were. They assumed it would be the owner and family.

Then, this afternoon, walking past Marina Cortez, we noticed a small army of photographers standing idle. I asked them what they were shooting and they said Lady Gaga was on her way. I don’t really know much about the woman or her music, but the girls know her hits and were very excited at the news, both begged me to stay and wait and see. I normally would have obliged, but we were late meeting another cruiser to pick up some solar panels I bought from him.

Then, an eighth of a mile down the malecon, three black SUVs pulled to a stop in front of us and out climbed Lady Gaga and a couple other folks. They walked right towards us and I wasn’t sure it was her at first, but she smiled at the girls and Frances called out, “I love your song ‘Born This Way.’” This stopped Ms. Germanotta in her tracks and she came over and thanked Frances and asked her if she could sing a bit of the song and Frances clammed up, but Eleanor belted out a couple verses. Lady Gaga laughed, asked the girls their names and ages, and then thanked them and then continued on at the urging of some of her people. And that was it.

I realized I had no picture and ran ahead with Eleanor to snap this one. Seconds later, the singer was enveloped in a scene and disappeared, headed for her cruise on Venus.

Not bad for a Tuesday.



  1. While I'm not fond of Lady Gaga herself, she has some interesting music. Still, it's cool you all ran into someone famous. I walked behind Weird Al once on a NJ boardwalk. At least I think it was him. I also got to shake hands with Pres Obama in Afghanistan in 2010. (Not fond of him either)

    Great that everyone is having so much fun.

  2. I think I got it. You'd think I'd know better.

  3. I hate you. I put this post on my fb, and tagged my friends I went and saw Lady Gaga in concert w/. Mom just told me. How could I miss it? She is my twin- we were Born This Way. I need to go do damage control now. Ugh. Got your message last night. Sad to miss your call. Ringer was turned off- we were out to dinner:( love u

  4. That's the Miguel I miss so much!

  5. It's not true!
    Gaga has show everyday in Roseland ballroom this week!
    She can't be in La Paz!
    I'm her fan. That women in the picture is not her! :/

    1. Anonymous, you are correct, it absolutely is not true. The 42-year-old woman in the picture is my sister, Julie, who was here visiting the week prior. Funny thing is, my other sister, and her twin, fell for this too and posted on her Facebook page, etc about the encounter. My mom also was convinced we'd run into Lady Gaga. Never underestimate the power of suggestion. Michael

  6. How long do I have to wear the word "sucker" on my forehead? (good one)

  7. this story is spreading like wildfire on social media in BCS. People are NOT reading the comments and many are Spanish only speakers. So whoever wrote this is being irresponsible, but whoever blindly believes social media posts and without thought shares them is a...... READ PEOPLE!!! Use your brain.

  8. Mike, we are 43. and, call me. Anonymous seems concerned, but doesn't know the half of it. I do not feel you were irresponsible, only funny. But the story may go viral in la Paz for another reason.... call me:)


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