Sunday, May 22, 2011

Free Books for a Dreamer
By Michael

NOTE: The books are long gone, thank you.
Good Ole Books
As we're packing up and getting ready to ship out (literally), I came across four books that we really loved, that we are not taking with us, and that would be perfect for the would-be cruiser out there reading this blog:
  • Beth Leonard, Following Seas
  • Jim Trefethen, The Cruising Life
  • Dave & Jaja Martin, Into the Light
  • Tom Neale, All in the Same Boat
If you are that person, and you are the first to to send us an email (see the Contact Us tab), I will be happy to send these to you, free. You may send us $10 to cover shipping, but that's not necessary; I will be happy to have these read by someone who will enjoy reading them.

These are especially good for the would-be cruiser with a family, as two of the books are so oriented. The Trefethen book is just awesome for anyone who understands the life, but wants a common-sense guide to transitioning, and with answers to all of the questions you could possibly have. The Leonard book, Following Seas, is an essayist's look back at her cruising adventures. I profiled almost all of these on our The Library tab too.

So, I look forward to getting your email and sending these out. But hurry, they've got to get out of here soon.


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  1. Hey there, not to add to you bookshelf (I know, books take a lot of space on a boat), but have you read Blue Horizons by Beth Leonard? It's a lovely book. (More essays) - we've kept it aboard, we like her writing that much! Cheers, Kyra


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