Thursday, October 27, 2011

Uhg, The Rigging
By Michael

Crevice corrosion attacked this chain plate right where it passed
through the deck. The resulting stress crack will result in a rig
failure if left unchecked.

To quote myself from yesterday’s post, “I am pleased.”
Even though they looked okay to my naked eye, I had the two upper chain plates cleaned up really good today. I knew that all of the surface rust and staining would have to be removed to determine whether any problems lurked.
Problems lurk.
I’m not pleased.
We’re going to replace these two chain plates and pull the four lowers sooner rather than later. And pitting I found on the underside of these chain plates leaves me considering pulling the fore and aft external chain plates. Especially at the bow, if not sealed well crevice corrosion could be eating the thing away, unseen. There is no evidence of rust, but I’m going to look again, closely.
The chain plates I pulled are ½-inch-thick, two inches wide, and two feet long. Seeing cracks in this beefy stock may make sense after more than three decades, but has me worried about the others.
This is a better view of the crack. Windy says she sees others, this is the most apparent.


  1. Oh Magee,
    It's like seeing Mug's xrays all over again. I am glad you are not ignoring these hairlines, as you may be truly avoiding a major catastrophe. Unlike Mug.
    I sure miss you all. I can't wait to see you....hopefully in Baja. happy happy to Eleanor tomorrow. 8 -hard to believe- wow. We will send a card via email tomorrow. I love you,
    BTW- Mug is fab

  2. OK now you're making ME nervous about our chainplates LOL

    S/V Kintala


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