Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oh, The Weather Outside...
By Michael

...isn't frightening, yet.

The buzz around Banderas Bay concerns a big storm that turned into a hurricane yesterday: Jova. Initial forecasts had Jova tracking directly over Puerto Vallarta; now they are projecting landfall about 100 miles south of us.

As I wrote here after studying hurricanes and the greater Puerto Vallarta area, we are topographically protected all around. The high mountains that surround us have served to effectively deflect or diminish named storms. We aren't as safe from hurricanes as say, San Francisco, but the number of direct hits over the years--and the weakness of those who do make it here--is so low that nearly all marine insurance companies will cover boats that remain in the area over hurricane season. Consequently, I don't think we are in danger from this one, though we may get some erratic and dramatic weather.

As of yesterday, there was a lot of hurricane talk at the marina, but no overt preparations being made. Today I notice a lot of dock lines doubled up and extra fenders out. We'll keep a close eye (pardon the pun) on this one and may have to take down our beloved sun shade.

In other weather news, daytime temperatures feel like they may have dropped a degree or two, and overnight temps are definitely dropping a bit; I'm waking up lately with a sheet covering half my body, so cozy.


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