Thursday, October 6, 2011

The List That Keeps Me Up At Night
By Michael

Look at the element inside this two-micron Racor
fuel filter. I replaced this and there is no more
surging and nearly dying. I also replaced the
cracked, undersized fuel return line and the
worn, stretched v-belt. I had the wet exhaust
mainfold repaired. Except for changing the
lube oil, all engine-related work is done.
Despite the oppressive heat and humidity keeping things from progressing at more than a snail’s pace, we are completing projects. It is almost conceivable that we will be ready to start our life at anchor November 1—though I think we may push the date back a couple days to be here for the Dia de los Muertos celebration. Regardless, a lot remains to be done:
  • Remove and reinstall the windlass to mount it on a taller base
  • Remove and replace seven port lights
  • Ready the back-up anchor for deployment
  • Remove and replace the standing rigging
  • Apply at least one additional coat of varnish
  • Ready the dinghy/motor for reliable use
  • Apply the name on the hull
  • Get rid of the car
  • Install lifeline netting
And there are probably many more things on Windy's list that I am forgetting. Additionally, I would like to install our new LED mast head tri-light and we will likely have over $1,000 worth of stainless work done to reinforce the stern rail and stanchions where we board, to put handholds on the sides of the dodger, and to install additional tubing around the bow pulpit to reinforce the structure and to create more of a safety cage up there.

The girls occupying themselves in the wet sand at the other side of the marina,
on a hot, rainy afternoon.


  1. Michael, your posts are always interesting, sincere, thoughtful and a good ol'read. Keep up the posts, keep up the prep and best of luck!

  2. So here's the bad news--the list never actually goes away and you just find yourself further and further from hardware stores and chandleries as you try to get it done.
    The good news is as you get further and further from the left-over stress of 'real-life' trying to fix the boat just becomes what you do. And it won't keep you up at night as much.

  3. Have you made a resource-leveled project plan for that task list? Could I see the estimating worksheets you used to set up that schedule?
    ha ha ha


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