Tuesday, March 22, 2011

S&S Blog Entry
By Michael

On the Sparkman & Stephens corporate blog, they feature short descriptions of their designs, roughly one per day, just a bit about the design and the boats that were produced from it. Yesterday, on March 21, it was time for S&S design 2292, also known as the Fuji 40! It is a short post, and I am already familiar with the Stanley Rosenfeld photos and yacht specs. What was new to me is the early set of interior renderings (below) and mention that “…15 boats were built to this design, 7 before the plans were even completed.

Early renderings of the Fuji 40 interior, very similar to what it became
In the post, the author is not definitive that the total count is 15, but this is the most credible figure I have ever seen (isn’t that amazing, that this info is not known?). Also, if 7 were built before the plans were complete, that means our hull #4 is part of that group. “Hey Takumi, they just finished the Fuji 40 plans. Beginning with hull #8, go ahead and move the mast forward a couple feet where it should be, completely change the rudder shape, and it looks like we’ve been making the hull much too thin…”

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  1. I like seeing hand renderings in this age of technology. Look forward to reading more about your transition to cruising.


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