Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Port Lights!
By Michael

My mom and a port
While in California last month visiting all of our SoCal relatives, we got to see for the first time the seven new stainless steel port lights we ordered at the boat show last October. I asked the vendor, New Found Metals, to send them directly to my parent’s house. The plan is to pick them up from there on our road trip to Mexico, one less thing to schlep across the country.
Wow, are they beautiful—and heavy like cast iron. Three of the ten 1978-vintage ports on the boat are opening, but the rest are fixed, plastic, show evidence of leaking, and are no longer clear. I can’t stand the thought of removing and re-bedding the old port lights and we are eager for the additional ventilation these will offer.
Wow, are they expensive. But because they are an odd size (3x17), I was glad NFM stocks them as standard. But still, and even at boat show prices, the seven gorgeous port lights, screens, teak spacers, ss fasteners, countersink, and butyl cost more than two boat bucks. Putting aside the tangible benefits of ventilation and strength—and even putting aside the intangible benefits of aesthetic improvements and anticipated reduced maintenance—I justified the cost on the basis that we will get it back someday in higher resale value…no, stop laughing…c’mon…stop laughing...


  1. Every boat needs some pretty jewelry! Those ports are beautiful and she will love them. :-)

  2. It's so cool to see The Mug!!!! She looks great......even if she is holding some stupid port hole thing-a-ma-jigger.


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