Monday, March 28, 2011

Galley Swap
By Michael
All of the puddle jump provisioning posts of late remind me of a great site intended for galley-based cooks: Galley Swap.

Did you know that separating bananas from the common stalk slows their ripening? Me neither, I read it at Galley Swap.

Did you know that the “disposable” salt grinder sold at Trader Joes for a couple bucks is excellent aboard because its all-acrylic construction prevents clumping—and that it is refillable? Me neither, I read it at Galley Swap.
Do you know where to find 12 helpful galley resource links for the "relentlless galley enthusiast" and 22 at-sea recipes? Me too, Galley Swap.

This site is a good resource, I hope it flourishes.


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  1. As dumb luck would have it, we did happen to get both the acrylic salt and pepper grinders at Trader Joe's. They have worked well. Thanks for the link. It definitely has some useful information.


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