Monday, August 5, 2013

In Pictures, Part 1
By Michael

Since leaving Victoria two months ago, we've been overwhelmed by all we've seen and experienced. Now that we've reached our northern-most point at 59 degrees latitude, we're going to head south, back to Mexico. I thought this was a good time to pause and reflect the past two months chronologically, in the skads of pictures that never made it on to the blog. Check back tomorrow for the next group. Enjoy!

Former (and future) cruiser Heather Tiszai with
her two daughters, Juniper and Pearl. Heather met
us with cold beer on a pier in Bellingham, took us
for a tour of stunning Whatcom Park, and hosted a
back-yard fire-pit BBQ potluck with her friends.
Traffic in the Strait of Georgia.

Eleanor landing her kayak on Matia Island, WA.

Frances landing her momma, Del Viento in the background, Matia Island, WA.

Geese on Matia Island, WA. Note the gossling.

Matia Island, WA

Early in the season, we were able to use the facilities at Poet's Cove
for free and had them all to ourselves. (Pender Island, BC)

Outside Poet's Cove, Windy and Frances kayak (Pender Island, BC).

Buskers at the farmer's market in Ganges, Saltspring Island, BC.

Frances learning to catch a Frisbee in a Ganges park, Saltspring Island, BC.

Choosing sand dollars in False Bay, Lasqueti Island, BC.

False Bay, Lasqueti Island, BC

Windy at the helm, leaving Lasqueti Island, BC.

Passing through some of the narrows near the Sabine Channel between
Lasqueti Island and South Texada Island, BC.

Milk shakes at La Verne's in Pender Bay, BC.

Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa Inlet, BC.

Roscoe Bay, West Redonda Island, BC, facing Desolation Sound.
We filled our tanks here with water that erupted from a spring and gurgled
down a rock wall we sidled up to in Del Viento.

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  1. Gorgeous photos in this series of 3 posts! Fun to see you near Sabine Channel almost exactly a year before we were up there with "Blue" in 2014! Continuing to enjoy reading all your posts - playing catch up with history.


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