Saturday, March 24, 2012

Not Just Here, But There
By Michael

I enjoy writing this blog, for writing's sake. Putting words together so they express precisely what I want feels good, forcing a mental clarity and organizing my thoughts. Ninety percent of the time I spend writing I spend rewriting, moving words and phrases and sentences and paragraphs around as though the page were one of those sliding tile puzzles. In that way, writing puts me in the same zone I think people experience when they are noodling through a crossword puzzle or focused on driving a race car. It can leave me spent, but I'm always eager for more--especially when I know folks are reading.

And now more folks will be reading.

This week, Cruising World magazine began reproducing this blog on their website! I'm pretty excited about this. Better still, I get paid a small amount each month for my content, subject to increase if my content proves popular. For the next week or so, only older posts will be featured, a few from the past couple years I think best illustrate who we are as a family and how we came to do what we are doing. After this run, the Cruising World site will display posts as I write them. Check it out.

On a related note, I have long said I intend to stretch our cruising kitty by selling magazine articles. We were so caught up in the refit of Del Viento during the first several months of our time in Mexico, that I didn't spend any time writing for publication. But during the past couple months, I dedicated more time to this effort and I wrote a few articles now pending publication. The most eminent piece is slated for February 2013, a Cruising World article profiling cruising families out here now (though that timeline is subject to change, as they often do).

Please stay tuned. Our adventure has only just begun. And I aim to write all about it.


Eleanor spotted this seahorse swimming along by the Marina de La Paz
dinghy dock just after we landed one day. The little guy would move
along with his tail just keeping contact with the bottom, like the way
an unsteady person may use a handrail simply to orient themselves.
I helped him pose for this picture.

This picture on the La Paz malecon was taken a couple months ago. The light
fleece I am holding--and Frances is wearing--is no longer required. This malecon
is the main pedestrian thoroughfare in La Paz and we've now walked it a hundred times.

Rock climbers in training


  1. Congrats on the writing gigs, Michael. Glad it's working out for you. We'll look forward to seeing you in print:)

  2. That's fantastic! I'll bookmark the page and make sure to visit and comment often.

  3. Wow....90% edit time 10% writing. I have learned something from you, thank you (up until now I've always had those two backwards!)...but if you listen to Francis, who reports how "my dad just likes to sleep all the time" it leaves me wondering WHEN you do do all this great writing? So, congratulations on the Cruisers World blog job...may you never stress over what to write and may you never tell too much about this wonderful life of the best part about it is getting out there and figuring it out yourselves (yes, that goes for special anchorages, must see side-shows, or even favorite taco stands)...and I say these because we were recently HOUNDED by a man (border line freaking out) by wanting all our exact spots, best place to find fish and how many days it would take to reach our "best anchorages". Needless to say it went against what this lifestyle is all about that I finally had to excuse myself and walk away)....the good side about this was, it wasn't YOU! lol Okay, I'm rambling, but again, congratulations and if the wifi is good to me this year I'll be following along and that, well that is a good, good thing!

  4. Always read the blog. Love hearing about the adventures! Congrats! Your faithful followers, The Schors of Aspen St. NW


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