Friday, March 9, 2012

The Mexico Double Take
By Michael

Does this look familiar? A street corner in
La Paz, Mexico. This is just one store of
a chain.
Mexico and the U.S. are cultural and geographic cousins, if not siblings.* And with U.S. brands everywhere in Mexico, I think this relationship is much more apparent to the average Jose than to the average Joe. But where U.S. brands aren't, their influence is nonetheless pervasive.

The following pictures illustrate why.


* Having spent the past dozen years living on the East Coast of the U.S., and having spent the previous three decades living on the West Coast, it's clear to me that this relationship is much more apparent to a West Coaster.

Familiar labels:


Similar labels:


  1. I agree...after 20 years in LA, and the next 15 in DC, it's much more obvious out west.

  2. Well, either you are a super stealth photographer or paid someone off with Tecates, but the last 2 times I tried to take photos in a larger store, I was told that it wasn't a go. Rats. I really had my mark on the doll that looked like Tammy Faye Baker (RIP) that peed AND swam.....with "real arms and leg motions". Anyhow, love the blog...though I do think you need to move on to sexier things vs. lube's and sponges!


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