Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So Much, So Fast
By Michael

Our new trailer friend
Today I invited a good friend and her family over for a farewell dinner and margaritas on May 21. The 21st sounded so far away, too close to the end of this month to be soon, so I was surprised when I realized it's this Saturday, 72 hours away. That's kind of been the way of things. If I were given to panic attacks, I'd probably be having them now. How can I possibly do all of the things and see all the people that I want before we leave D.C.?
I gave my official notice at work this week; my last day will be May 31. All of the outstanding house sale contingencies are out of the way, so we are nearly certain to become homeless on June 3, as planned. Last night we brought home the trailer we bought for the road trip.

Oh, and I lost my battle with the DMV. The powers that be insist there is no means for entering a non-D.C. address on their driver's license. Their advice? "You're gonna have to find a friend or neighbor who will let you use their address." Okay, I have just the person in mind.

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