Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It's Gone
By Michael

Under Contract
Things are moving fast in DC. Our house went under contract late last night and we have a June 3 closing scheduled. This means we could be starting our epic cross-country drive to PV in less than a month!

Just when I’d gotten used to the past 72 hours with nothing more to do than go to work and tend to minor household chores—a real respite from the past 6 months, and especially the past month—we're now feeling the sense of urgency to kick it into gear again to get ready to go.

I don’t think I’ve written about it on this blog, but I wrote “epic” to describe our cross-country drive to PV because that’s what we have planned. There are a lot of folks and things we want to see on our trip and few of them (Mike and Dar!) are in the path of a direct southern route from DC to PV, so we are heading north.

In the you-only-live-once spirit of this entire plan to upend our lives and go cruising: there is a brewery in Pennsylvania I want to visit, then Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water, and then Niagara Falls. That puts us way up in Buffalo, NY.  From there, we will take either the south-of-the-Great-Lakes route to see friends in Wisconsin, or first check out Montreal and drop in from the north. From Madison, we’ll indulge Eleanor’s desire to see Mount Rushmore, and then down to see Grandma in Western Nebraska. We’ll have with us furniture to drop off with family in Missoula, Montana, before climbing the Rockies and traversing Washington state to visit friends in the Pacific Northwest. After Port Angeles, we will finally head south, seeing family and friends in Portland, Oregon and nearly every coastal area in California. I think it will have been nearly a month by the time we spend the night in San Diego in preparation for an early morning crossing into the Baja. We’ll probably spend the night halfway down the peninsula before staying with friends in La Paz, catching the ferry to Mazatlan, and driving the final stretch to Puerto Vallarta.

Epic, yeah? All in a 1999 Ford Escort wagon towing a trailer and powered only by a tired 1.9L engine. What are the odds we make it?



  1. Congratulations and good luck on your whirlwind tour! Looking forward to your posts of the trip.

  2. Pretty good odds if the trailer isn't too heavy.

    When we moved from Annapolis to Vancouver (via parts of northern Alberta) 6 years ago we had a 1997 Mazda 626 with a 2.0L 4-cylinder 120 HP engine. We towed a 2000 lb trailer the whole way. Just give yourself lots of extra braking distance.

  3. This is fabulous. I cannot wait to see you!

  4. This is FANTASTIC news!!!!! I am so happy for you guys and I am relieved that everything went so smooth!

  5. The true journey is about to begin...
    Austin, TX

  6. Caden and I will miss you so much; we're a little sad that the house sold so quickly, but happy that you'll be able to fulfill your plans and dreams. We look forward to visiting you once you're settled in!

  7. Wow, that was fast!! We so wish we could meet up with you guys! But seems we are heading toward you to slow. we will m=be in North Carolina for June and then toward your way in July. What are you going to do in PV when you get there? Hang out? Hurricane season as you know. Well lets get on the phone once you are packed up and in your car. You wont have time to talk until then, I am sure!

  8. Congrats on selling the house so fast! Great news. If you pass through Olympia, WA before the end of June be sure to let us know -- would love to meet up!

  9. Wow. But remember, crazy things happen in escrow. Hold your breath.
    We are leaving mid July for road trip to Grandmas. After, up to Mount Rushmore, over to Yellowstone, down thru Zion.....what would the chances be that our paths crossed. Can't believe I had yet to call you to congratulate you for getting the house "on" before it's "off".Love you guys.

  10. It's amazing how fast things are moving now. Are you going to fit all your boat stuff in the trailer? A full trunk of our car will barely fill a couple of the boat lockers. And are you going to sell your car in Mexico once on the boat? Can't wait to hear how things go. Good luck and happy travels.


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