Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Is Our Year!

Starting today we can say, "We're going cruising this year!" Back in 2006, when we launched our 5-year plan, 2011 seemed very far off. But, as we knew it would, the time flew by. Now, faced with all that remains to be done before we stick a For Sale sign in front of the house, some days we wish for a respite from the passing time, just a week or so to catch up, uninterrupted.

The plan is to plant that sign in the front yard the last week of April, or 110 days from now. Gads! If it sells right away, we could be on the road to Mexico 30 days later.

We updated "The Cost" tab to reflect the sum of our 2010 expenditures; 2011 will look altogether different.

--WR and MR


  1. Comely S&S design, as they all are. We look forward to following your cruising adventures in 2011 and beyond! Perhaps one day we'll cross wakes.

  2. I just found your blog via Carolyn Goodlander's post on Facebook. It is true that we will get to look for you in Mexico this next season?!? We are also sailing down later this year with our two daughters (they will be 3 and 5 next fall). You guys sound so similar to us! My husband and I sailed together on our simple Alberg 35 before kids and are excited to be heading out again with our family of four. What an exciting year ahead! Can't wait to meet up with you one day soon!

    Sara Johnson
    s/v Wondertime

  3. True, true! Our tentative plan is to head north from PV (so contrary) up to at least the San Juans, and then probably south again. But we may be in Mexico for a year to start. We will make it a point to connect; I suspect we will always be on the look out for kid boats. You should check out the blog of Ceilydh (link at right). They also have the prior cruising back story. Michael


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