Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Shopping With Dad
By Windy

"Girls! Look no further. I found the perfect thing to buy with your gift card. This way!"

Mike traversed Toys"R"Us, taking Frances by the shoulders and propelling her past the My Little Ponies and Purple Sparkle Rainbow Whatsits, Eleanor in tow. At the far wall he gestured grandly at the box he'd staged on the floor.
What they didn't buy
"What is it?" Eleanor said.
"It's a really cool radio controlled boat! For when we're living on the boat!"
The girls regarded the box tentatively, then glanced at me, looking for reassurance.
"You put it in the water and you'll be able to stand on the dock and drive it around with the goes really fast!"
"Oh," they say together.
"Here hold it," Mike says, thrusting the box toward Eleanor.
Both girls take a step back.
"Dad? If we buy this, how much will we have left on the card?"
"Well, the boat actually costs a little more than what your card is worth, but if you reeeeally want it, I'll pay the difference."
"Thanks Dad, but..."
" can each pick out something from those bins we passed on the way in."
Eleanor and Frances have now edged their way to the far end of the isle.
"Hey, wait guys. Look, all radio controlled vehicles are 25% off!"

What they did buy (Thanks Aunt Andrea!)

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