Monday, May 3, 2010

"Your Offer Has Been Accepted" (!!!)

First we wire our 10% deposit. Then on Saturday Mike and Eleanor are hopping on a plane for Puerto Vallarta where they will have a very busy long-weekend. One of their most important tasks will be getting a feel for the spaces on the boat. Do we fit in the berths? Headroom? Can we all comfortably chill in the cockpit? Watch a movie together? Then an engine survey, haulout (bringing her up onto land to check everything below the water line), rigging survey, general survey, sea trial (sailing with the surveyor), taking inventory, measurements, and lots of video and pics for me and Frances. The checklist is already long and growing.

The deal is contingent on our satisfaction with all of the above. If everything looks good we'll give our official stamp of approval and wire the rest of the money. If the surveys turn up something major, or even if we find the boat awkward or uncomfortable, we can walk. We've done a lot of remote legwork, and at this point we're betting that the boat will meet our expectations. Otherwise we're out a chunk of change and we keep looking. --WR


  1. This is VERY exciting new.

  2. I heard you had a great listing agent Lili Sheeline. How do I know? Well she is a colleague of mine and in the same office. Remember, I brought some potential buyers through your fabulous home. Kathleen Ryan, Long and Foster.


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