Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Speaking of Lists...

Some questions Mike had after visiting the boat:

1. There is no air filter element currently installed, one aboard? Any part number handy?
2. For the life of me, I could not identify the water pump, please include a picture of it in the survey.
3. Why are there two oil caps? One on top of the valve cover, as expected, but the other towards the front of the engine?
4. The corrosion where the raw water discharges from the heat exchanger into the exhaust line looks pretty bad. How bad and what is the best approach to fix? Cost?
5. The little drain pipes in place of scuppers looks like an elegantly over-engineered approach that introduces a potential for leaks. Cleary this has been addressed in the past, and can be further addressed, but what about potential damage to hull or deck where tubes pass through, from water over time?
6. It looks like the floor boards in the aft locker (under the ice chest) were glassed in on the port side to form a sturdy mount for the autopilot ram. Please confirm no hull repair there.
7. I forgot to note where, but it looks like the tabbing on one bulkhead separated. Please identify.
8. It looks like both battery banks are leaking (little puddles on the tops of all batteries). The two batteries, under the aft starboard berth, are hissing and squeeking like mad. Is this a condition of overcharging? Is the fault in the A/C battery charger not regulating properly, or is the solar regulator not regulating properly?
9. For many of the exposed bolt heads for deck-mounted items, there do not appear to be backing plates. For which are backing plates indicated?
10. Propane locker smells heavily of propane. Is this normal, or does this indicate a leak?
11. What is the black junction box above the cabin sole next to the mast?
12. The starboard galley footpump seems non-operational, please confirm.
13. Please let me know the sizes of all zincs. Please coordinate replacement, if needed, during haulout, and charge me, especially concerned about protecting the Max Prop. Are the zincs working?
14. Does the windlass have a provision for operating manually? Owner reports no, but the manufacturer web site seems to contradict, still researching, insight appreciated.
15. There is a vented loop/siphon break mounted in the cupboard behind the LP gas switch in the galley. How do I determine if it needs to be replaced?
16. Please include the diameters of any hoses you recommend replacing, so that replacment hoses can be brought from the US.
17. Is the massive L-shaped bar stored in the aft outside locker (under the ice chest) the emergency tiller?

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