Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Totem Rocks the Video
By Michael

I’m smiling as I type. I just watched a video series that makes me want to go cruising with my kids. I know how odd that sounds.

So there’s a cruising boat out there called Delos. I’ve never met the Delos crew, but I think I’d like them. Here is who they are in their own words. (And my friend Brittany of s/v Asante, who writes on the Windtraveler site, last year wrote a must-read post about these folks.) The Delos crew are obviously smart and curious and their thing is making videos about what they’re experiencing. (If you’ve got more bandwidth than I do and you want to watch something better than whatever's on TV, here’s a link to 38 of them.) The Delos crew has crossed paths several times with my esteemed Voyaging With Kids co-author, Behan Gifford, and finally, in South Africa, sat down to interview Behan and her family aboard the Gifford’s boat, Totem.

It’s such a great document. And not simply because it’s a window from which to get a peek at aspects of the lives of the Totem crew, but because those aspects are shared, making it also a peek at the lives of the Del Viento crew and the lives of hundreds of other cruising families.

At the beginning of the first video, the focus is on Voyaging With Kids, but then the Totem parents and kids cover the gamut in 8 segments. I enjoyed them all, perhaps especially the last segment as it is a chance to hang out with the three Totem kids (now ages 12-17) in the v-berth and talk about the 8 years they’ve lived as cruising kids, having sailed most of the way around the world.

Enjoy! Following are links to individual segments. Alternatively, just start the first below and off you go!
  1. Homeschooling
  2. Socialization
  3. Crew
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Kid-friendly Boat Selection
  6. Money Stuff
  7. Motivation for cruising as a family
  8. The Kid’s Perspective


  1. I need to make time (to find internet) and get these! I saw them on Totem's stuff, and on Delos's... But I just haven't had time to get up to internet and get them!

    We're cruising with our kids too. (2 teens and a toddler)... So I think at the least this would be interesting.

  2. Absolutely LOVED the video series!! What a great cruising community you are part of Michael! We look forward to joining the party!

  3. Oh neat! I'll have to get this set up on our TV so the whole family can watch the series!


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