Monday, July 6, 2015

Start the Presses!
By Michael

So, besides sailing around and exploring and parenting and writing blog posts and magazine articles, I've been hard at work over the past 18 months on the Voyaging With Kids book (along with my friends and colleagues, Behan Gifford of Totem and Sara Johnson of Wondertime). No longer. I just got an email from the publisher (L&L Pardey Publications) that the book has gone to print--no more reviews, corrections, changes, and additions. It's done!

It turned out...awesome. In the able hands of a book designer, ebook designer, two editors, and an indexer, our manuscript and photos have morphed into an attractive, organized volume of information and perspectives. Besides the pros, our book benefits from contributions from dozens of other cruising parents, cruising kids, former cruising parents, and former cruising kids. (I'm talking to you BumfuzzleEyoni, Hotspur, Knee Deep, Namaste, Osprey, and many, many more.) It's better and more comprehensive than I ever imagined it would be.

Early readers of the manuscript---Beth Leonard, Herb McCormick, Cap'n Fatty, Mike Litzow, and others---have offered generous praise.

The release date is still two months away, but I want to give you a glimpse of the inside of the book. Each of the following is a two-page spread. Note that there are tables and sidebars throughout to compliment the body text.

See, isn't it beautiful? Also, there is an ebook version of the book that will be released at the same time. This format includes all the content of the print book, plus lots of video. You really need both--and so does everyone on your holiday shopping list.

And finally, here is the table of contents:

Now, I'm off to finish the next book, already well underway...



  1. Fantastic! Looks great! Can't wait to get my copies! Congrats...a huge accomplishment.

  2. Congratulations to all of you on completing a huge undertaking.


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