Friday, April 17, 2015

Day 4: Big Zero

So I made smug comments in a post before we left, about how we aren't the hyper-organized cruisers who rely on an i-app of some kind to catalog our stores. I think my point was that we're too laid back for that fussiness. Well, Mr. Laid Back spent much of today looking for 7 pounds of pasta shells that are aboard, somewhere. I've been upside down with a flashlight in my mouth peering into the deepest corners of Del Viento. I've unpacked and re-packed more than you can imagine would even fit aboard. I can't find them.

But, I'm keeping track. To date I've not yet spent more time looking for things than I'd have spent keeping a detailed accounting of where things are-so I'm still ahead.

I'd hoped this would be an all-sail passage, but the wind died around midnight last night and never came back to life. I fired up the motor and we continued on, slowly. About 10 hours later, late this morning, I shut the beast off and unfurled and poled-out the code zero to use as a downwind sail. That was good for about 10 minutes, at which point the wind clocked around to the beam and I doused the pole. We've glided along on a beam reach since, under just this light-air sail.

We enjoyed a big salad for dinner. It was supposed to be a pasta salad.


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