Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pssst...You Want Tickets?
By Michael

Peter and his wife Kathy are friends
who cruise aboard their Cal 39, Citla in
Mexico, but retain their home base in San
Diego. Peter dropped by to say hello and
gave Frances and I vouchers he had for the
San Diego Zoo. Frances was clearly pleased.
Thanks again Peter!
Sitting in a San Diego restaurant recently, friends of ours from D.C. were approached at their table.
“You want four tickets to Legoland?”
Turns out the guy had 5-day park passes that he couldn’t use due to a change in plans. He wasn’t selling them, just looking for another family who could use them. The tickets were activated that day and they were valid for only the four following days.
Fortunately for us, our friends couldn’t use them, but accepted them on our behalf. The next day, the Robertsons packed a lunch and headed to Legoland. Like most things spontaneous, it was bound to turn out well. And especially because we had no vaulted expectations that couldn’t be met, there was no weighing the quality of the event against the price of admission; we had a fantastic time. And it was Mother’s Day.
That evening, towards the end of our meal at a nearby brewery, a family of four took a table near ours. I had the tickets in my pocket, two days remaining. They were excited to get them. I gathered they were planning a trip there the following day anyway and hadn’t already bought tickets.

Cool, huh? It was pretty impressive to see what the artists at
Legoland had done. These heads were each roughly three feet tall.

These buildings were about four feet tall.
Even the cars, buses, and trucks you see
were made of Legos. This Manhattan skyline
was one of several iconic views reproduced
throughout the park. The Washington, D.C.
mall and surrounding monuments was
especially interesting to us.

This is the real Windy, not yet reproduced in Legos.
We are all eager to pick her up at the airport
in a couple days.


  1. Got to love a world in which there exist people who share at just the right time, and places like Legoland. Reminds me of the time the guy in front of me at our local toll bridge paid my toll for me, just because. When I got up to the window, the cashier said, "You're all paid up! Have a great day!". And I did! Got to pay that kind of stuff forward.

  2. Mike, look at your hair! The sea you is a totally different man! I am glad you have your 2 girls back. - Billie


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