Sunday, January 29, 2012

Island Time
By Michael

Gliding towards Del Viento at anchor. We bought this
kayak used from Maluhia in Puerto Vallarta. Our time
out at the islands confirmed that it was a good purchase;
we're looking now for a second one.
Windy's mom flew down to La Paz and spent a couple weeks with us. We spent most of her visit 20 miles away from La Paz, at the uninhabited playground that is Isla Espiritu Santo. We didn't even scratch the surface in terms of all there is to explore.

The girls especially enjoyed their time with Grandma. In fact, I think her visit will be more memorable for them than all of the natural beauty we were immersed in.

The weather was perfect the first few days, but then turned windy. Fortunately, we were in a protected anchorage until the last night, where Grandma Julie took her turn at anchor watch, bracing herself against the howling, chilly winds while we pitched like mad into breaking swells. It was a sleepless night, but afterward we returned to La Paz and finished up her visit in slip 207 at Marina Palmira, where we all slept soundly.


Grandma Julie and the girls eating breakfast in the cockpit at anchor
in La Paz. Specifically, they're eating toasted bagels and fresh
pineapple. We splurged and bought a toaster in La Paz. When I
say splurge, I'm not talking about the cost of the toaster, I'm
talking about the number of amps is sucks from the batteries
when we use it--that is hard to swallow, but toast is nice.
I took about 100 examples of this picture. I naively
figured I could sell it to a sailing magazine
as their cover shot. I had pretty much
already spent the large check I was
sure to receive, when I reviewed the
guidelines on the Cruising World website,
"Avoid shadows, large, dark areas "
Eleanor with about the 239,412th hermit crab she's found since we arrived in Mexico.
Grandma Julie's visit was like Christmas all over again. She brought gifts from
herself, other relatives, and some D.C. friends. She also brought our mail,
some Trader Joe's goodies, and stuff we needed from West Marine.
Grandma Julie and Frances headed to shore.
Having lived aboard in her 20s, Grandma Julie felt comfortable on Del Viento
and understands our lifestyle.

Windy, Frances, Eleanor, and Grandma Julie watch another amazing sunset.


  1. It sounds like you all had a great visit. As I mentioned to Windy last night at the show in Palmira, your girls are always going to have memories of a great adventure with their parents. It's been great fun reading your blog and following your adventures.

  2. What no camping toast? That's bread browned in the frying pan. Guess it's not the same for a bagel

    Tell the girls I am so glad they now have a hard-shell kayak.

    Glad there were no travel travails for this posting and only uplifting travel tales,thanks for sharing.

    Cat in Texas


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