Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank You Auntie Julie
By Michael

Eleanor and the dolphin (I forget its name). Auntie Julie
arranged a half-day adventure for all of us to visit
with the dolphins.
After a couple false starts, my sister Julie and the girls’ cousins finally got on a plane back to the U.S. the day before yesterday. (Because her husband is a pilot, they fly standby everywhere and can’t always depend on getting a seat.) She and her kids were here for nearly four weeks and for most of that time she watched all four kids, allowing Windy and I to focus on the boat. After our mom’s injury, Julie and I spent our time caring for her, or overseeing her care, until my dad arrived this past week. Boat work was put on hold while Windy watched the four cousins. It was a time none of us will forget.
My folks leave this afternoon and then it is just the four of us left in Mexico. Eleanor and Frances are both eager to move aboard. Windy and I are still acquiring information to determine in what marina we’ll be for the next two months before we are living on the hook. We are both mentally ready for anchor life now, but know we need a couple months in a marina to complete the boat work on our list.
Auntie Julie (back) also arranged for herself, Windy, and the four cousins to ride the
banana on a rough windy day--they loved it. We don't know who the girl on
the front is.
Auntie Julie and the kids spent hours and hours and hours at "our" pool. All four kids
emerged strong swimmers, without instruction but with a desire to increase the level of fun.

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