Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Movies for a Dreamer
By Michael

NOTE: These movies are claimed...

So, the book giveaway was a success and today I found these DVDs and VHS tapes that probably wouldn't generate a lot of interest in the local Goodwill store. I will send these to the first interested person to email us, no charge. I am going to the post office in the morning, so don't delay. Following is what I have:
  • Three DVDs by Lin and Larry Pardey: Get Ready to Cruise, Get Ready to Cross Oceans, and Storm Tactics.
  • Sailing in Heavy Weather featuring Warren Luhrs, John Neal, and Steve Dashew.
  • Ice Blink is a retrospective look back at the two big cruises of Dave and Jaja Martin and their three kids, first around the world aboard Direction and then their time in Iceland and Norway aboard Driver. This DVD features reflective interviews with them from their home in Maine and lots of footage from their adventures.
  • The Voyage of Eros is an instructional VHS from 1990 about sailing Tonga.
  • Mermaid: Our Family in Paradise is a VHS from 2002 about a family's one-year cruise in the Caribbean and Bahamas.
  • And finally, Just Cruising is the Copeland family's video about their 6-year circumnavigation aboard their Beneteau 38, Bagheera (VHS).
We'd be pleased to have these in the hands of someone genuinely interested in them. Happy dreaming (and planning)!


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