Monday, February 7, 2011

By Windy

Paul and Oli at Koh Samui
My brother just sent this picture from Thailand of himself and my nephew Oliver playing in the water in Koh Samui. Paul and his wife Pao are there now visiting family and showing off Oliver and Pao's belly bulge. They lived on the island for years and still own a home there. They've since moved back to the Bay Area.

Our cruising plans have never been about a circumnavigation, maybe because I insert my fingers in my ears and sing "la la la la" as soon as the subject arises. It's just so far from where I am right now--literally sitting in our house in Washington, DC looking out at the gray trees and piles of dirty snow. Still, seeing this photo I admit to a tickle of inspiration and, for a moment, sailing half way around the world to play on the beach with family seems like a completely reasonable, obvious thing to do. Who knows, maybe that tickle will someday grow enough to propel us around the globe.


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  1. Grey piles of dirty snow will do that to you. And why not let it. Keep going until you stop going, that's what I say.


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