Monday, December 20, 2010

The Big Question
By Michael

How much does it cost to go cruising?

The online cruising forums are brimming with people asking and trying to answer this question. It's understandable, but of little value. There is no answer because the question is wrong. What folks should be trying to learn is:
How much will it cost me to go cruising?

Tom Perkins spends more than we plan to spend.
In this case, the answer cannot be determined with any accuracy (except by cruising!), but it is the right question and it's possible to narrow the range of answers. I think the best way to do this is to consider the actual expenses of people who are cruising and then interpolate from that data. The problem is, there is not a lot of accurate accounting available.
I know of two three cruisers who provide just this kind of info: s/v Bumfuzzle and s/v Third Day and s/v Hotspur.

In the interests of adding to this data set, we added a new tab to this blog: The Cost. We will update this going forward so that others can see what we spend and then use that information to forecast their own spending.

By the way, in print, Beth Leonard probably does the best job of answering the question in the most general sense. She attaches real numbers to potential real scenarios in her book, The Voyager's Handbook, The Essential Guide to Bluewater Cruising. She takes a relative approach, describing in great detail the costs of cruising aboard three hypothetical vessels: Simplicity, Moderation, and Highlife.



  1. Hey there,
    Just came across your blog from somewhere. when do you plan to move aboard? We're cruising Mexico now, doing a Pacific crossing from La Cruz in early April. If you arrive before then we know many of the kid boats (we are one...) and would be happy to help with intros.

  2. When we were starting to plan our cruise we had a long discussion with a cruising friend, who told us something that I think turned out to be very true: "It doesn't matter how much money you have, the boat will take it all". While tongue-in-cheek, it does have a lot of truth to it just the same...

    -Scott - S/V Jane'O -


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